TameTiels Aviary of VA Pedigree

ToWi X Summer
Teddy X Judy
Tyrd X Honey
Monster X Goldie
Big Boy X Grai
Big Boy X Sylvia
Teddy X Reavie
Greeson X Sparkle
TeeJay X Cimone
Bear X Woman
Mia X Woman
Morgan X Tasha
Handsome X Amazon
Elvis X Myah
Cloudy X Grai

This site includes the pedigrees for various pairings at TameTiels Aviary of VA. The pairs are listed as cockbird X hen. Some pedigrees include several generations for each parent bird, however I was never given full pedigrees on many of my birds. The birds lacking detailed parentage are typically from persons that do not exhibit their birds, and do not keep or distribute complete records. When available, I always make pedigrees available to buyers, whether breeding, exhibition or pet sales.
If you have questions about any of my pedigrees, or can elaborate by filling in missing data, feel free to send me an e-mail or give me a call.
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