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Below are listed the websites of breeders I know and trust. Feel free to contact them about my birds, their temperament, breeding quality, health and such. All of the aviaries listed below have purchased at least one Cockatiel from TameTiels. I own/have owned birds from a few of these breeders as well. Most exhibit their Cockatiels with the National Cockatiel Society. Most attend shows in the NC, MD & VA area so can often arrange to deliver birds there. Because I offer these links as a courtesy, I ask that you identify my website as your source when contacting these other breeders. Also, they will want to know if you already have birds from any of the breeders on this list. That allows them to better select another bird to go compliment the lines you already own.



Calico Cockatiels

Capitol Tiels, Joanne Lester (Maryland)

Chris's Cockatiels

DJ Feathers, Tammy Kramer (Virginia)

Joshua Tree Aviary

K & L Aviary, Karl & Leslie Huegerich (North Carolina)

Maple Leaf Aviary, Josh Maple (North Carolina)

Melissa's Birds

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