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Cockatiels make wonderful family pets!

TameTiels specializes in exceptionally sweet, companion cockatiels of above average quality.I am located in Troy, Virginia. The aviary is situated about 15 minutes off Interstate 64, about 60 miles northwest of Richmond, Virginia. That is also about 30 minutes east of Charlottesville, Virginia, which is home to the University of Virginia. I guess that makes our cockatiels and conures "Hoos".

Even though I do show cockatiels at NCS-sponsored events, all baby cockatiels hatched here are raised to be wonderful family pets. In other words, I strive to produce properly-structured, healthy and very pretty birds with wonderful temperaments. Our hand-fed and socialized baby cockatiels typically expect and seek daily human interaction. 

My cockatiels, adults and babies, are exposed to children, cats, dogs and the normal sights and sounds of a very busy, noisy household. TameTiels cockatiels and conures are provided with lots of attention and toys. Our cockatiel and conure babies are typically pulled at 10-14 days of age and handfed in order to solidify the human bond. Once fully-feathered, our cockatiel and conure babies enjoy playtime with Mommy (me) after each evening feeding.

If you decide to take a TameTiels bird into your home as a family pet, I expect you to offer a forever home and spoil it just as much as I have. I also expect you to find and retain a certified avian vet to care for your cockatiel or conure. Yes, birds need well check-ups, too! Because I believe pet owners should be educated and should be offered a support system of other cockatiel owners, I offer a one-time $10 rebate to first time TameTiels cockatiel customers who belong to the National Cockatiel Society. Not already a member, but expecting to buy a TameTiels cockatiel? Simply click here and follow the instructions. A single membership is currently only $21 a year, $9.95 for electronic-only membership. Isn't your cockatiel worth the investment? I think so.

TameTiels cockatiel and conure babies are weaned to a diet of Zupreem Natural Pellets, fresh grains and veggies as well as a low-fat seed mixture (typically a 3/4 parakeet, 1/4 cockatiel blend). They are introduced to veggies before ever being offered seeds or pellets. Read more about my birds' diet on the Cockatiel Care page. It is a MUST READ.

Thanks for your interest. See you at a show sometime?


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