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This page provides feedback from pet customers. For breeder/exhibition references, click here. If you would like me to add your input, references, etc., please e-mail me.

October 5, 2004


Alexandria, VA


“Keller”, what a smart and funny bird he is! He is also so sweet and loving. I have seen cockatiels in the past and they were not anything like “Keller”. I am so glad that I found Sherri’s website while in search of a new cockatiel. I now have a very special be beautiful bird. I thank you Sherri for all of your correspondence with me about obtaining a bird and your special delivery of “Keller”.


July 24, 2004

Pat Goff

Poquoson, VA



I am so glad I went to the Peninsula Caged Bird Society’s mart in June. I was not going to get a cockatiel that day but could not resist the little birdie that is now my “Kiwi”.


Kiwi adjusted to his new home fast, was whistling even the wolf whistle and saying a few words before he was three months old. He is saying several words now at just four months of age and is very vocal and playful…soooooooo sweet!


You also impressed my friend and I by being so knowledgeable about birds. The fact that you wean your birds to pellets instead of just seeds is a big plus. All good avian vets urge this. An all seed diet is not healthy. Needless to say, I am very happy with Kiwi and will send pictures as soon as I can take up the roll of film. Thank you for being there at the bird festival!


A pleased customer.




July 20, 2004

Donna Leonard

McLean, VA


I have purchased 9 cockatiels from Sherri and all of them have been wonderful! These are not your regular tiels…they are big and healthy and beautiful! They are so gorgeous, in fact, that my avian vet asked for photos of the one I took in (Clyde) for his annual check up so she could show his photo to the vets she was lecturing to at a Las Vegas convention! She told me that is what a model cockatiel should look like!


The temperament of the birds are just the best ever. I have a few in particular that adore getting their scritchies and come to the door for them whenever I am in the room.


I would buy a bird from Sherri any time. I cannot say enough good things about them!



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