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Green Cheek Conures
[See Availability Below]

 TameTiels is home to three resident Green Cheeks: Sydney, Rocky and Tilly. Sydney and Rocky are a bonded pair of Normals [no splits] and Tilly is a single Normal split Turquoise. Tilly enjoys being a pet for now, but someday might be paired with a visual Turqouise male.
Pyrhurra Conures are very active, clownish acrobats. Never a dull moment with these guys! They love water also, and 'quack' with glee anytime they are able to get some water play. Sydney is spoiled rotten, and never poses a problem unless you expose your toes. She considers toes to be the enemy! Rocky is quite unpredictable and very beaky. He is still very entertaining, however, and has learned almost all of the Cockatiels' songs. He has mastered the wolf  whistle. I have to be careful with Rocky, as he will often bite when excited. I cannot let him on my shoulder. Syndey used to be the same, beaky and unpredictable, but after working with her for 3 months or so she finally learned the polite way to use her beak. There is hope for dear Rocky yet....he is coming along slowly. Tilly is just the most gentle and snuggly Green Cheek I have ever met. She adores being cradled and simply leaning against your neck seems like all she needs in life. She loves to play, too. She is rather quiet, though does the typical early morning and dusk chattering.
Interested in a Green Cheek? We breed our pair once or twice a year. On occasion they will sneak in a third clutch. If we have babies for sale, they will be listed below.

Green Cheek Conure Availability:
Babies are not banded and have not been DNA sexed. DNA sexing available for $25. These babies are priced at $150 each.
UPDATE: I have one SUPER-DUPER sweet and funny summer 2010 baby available.

Inquire about Green Cheek babies here.


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